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Soft Tissue Repair

Before the advent of bioresorbable materials, the closure of soft tissue was limited to permanent materials such as nylon sutures. Advances in material sciences led to the development of bioresorbable polymer sutures that met the clinical needs of holding soft tissues together, while serving the patient's need of not remaining permanently in the body. The evolution of bioresorbable polymer technology facilitated the development of large bioresorbable polymer thin films that could span large tissue masses and subsequently hold them in place. The bioresorbable thin films facilitate the healing of larger tissue masses.

SurgiWrap(tm) bioresorbable film is used for soft tissue applications.
1. Bioresorbable films may be used for soft tissue reinforcement for surgical procedures including colon repair.

2. Bioresorbable film is indicated for pelvic floor reconstruction and vaginal prolapse repair.

3. Bioresorbable film may be used as a temporary bridging material for soft tissue applications, such as hernia repair.

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