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MacroPore Biosurgery is committed to helping physicians and their patients. Physician Information

Welcome to our Physician Information section. MacroPore Biosurgery is committed to helping physicians and their patients learn about proprietary technologies and processes that facilitate the repair of hard and soft tissue, the delivery of biologics and biological molecules, and the discovery of new therapies utilizing regenerative cells.

Our biomaterials technology includes bioresorbable polymer implants for use in spine, neurosurgical and musculoskeletal surgeries, and thin films for soft tissue applications, and biologics technology includes advancement in regenerative therapies using cells derived from adipose (fat) tissue. Additionally, we are pioneering autologous cell preservation and banking offering the opportunity for people worldwide to bank their own cells for future personal use.

Our Resource Center contains additional information regarding our company, our products and our biomaterials (bioresorbable implants) and biologics (regenerative cell) platform technologies. Please click on the links provided below for easy navigation through our web site.

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