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MacroPore Biosurgery develops bioresorbable implants for use in surgical patients of all ages. Patient Information

Welcome to our Patient Information site. Focused on positively affecting the health of patients throughout the world, MacroPore Biosurgery has provided information to help patients, families and friends better understand the benefits of using bioresorbable implants (biomaterials) for specifically indicated surgical procedures, and to obtain balanced information regarding biologics research and biotherapies using adult stem cell technologies.

Please visit our Resource Center. On this site you will find corporate publications, scientific papers, and answers to frequently asked questions regarding both biomaterials and biologics technologies. Additionally the Glossary may assist you with terminology used in the biosurgery market.

Biomaterials Bioresorbable Polymer Implants

MacroPore Biosurgery designs, develops, and produces bioresorbable polymer implants for use in neurosurgical, spine, and other hard tissue (bone) and soft tissue surgical applications. For more information about our bioresorbable products click on biomaterials.

To view illustrations depicting bioresorbable implants being used in clinical applications click on product applications. Bioresorbable mesh is shown in a bone grafting procedure application, and bioresorbable thin film is shown being used for soft tissue repair and support.

Biologics Adult Stem Cells and Regenerative Therapies

With the strategic acquisition of StemSource, Inc., MacroPore Biosurgery is expanding its biologics technology and developing regenerative or stem cell therapies using adult stem cells derived from adipose (fat) tissue. Stem cells, harvested from the patient's fat tissue through a liposuction procedure, may have the ability to offer replacement cells to treat life-altering or life-threatening disorders. Potential clinical applications include disorders of the nerve, muscle, bone, cartilage, and heart among others.

The Company's stem cell preservation and banking service offers the opportunity for existing surgical patients to bank their stem cells for future use. Stem cell banking is typically arranged through the patient's surgeon. The banked adult stem cells, frozen in suspended animation, are preserved at our state-of-the-art facility. The cells are stored exclusively for the particular patient who banked them. For questions and answers about stem cell preservation and banking visit the FAQ Biologics section of our web site.

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