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Welcome to MacroPore Biosurgery's Stem Cell Technology and Banking Information

StemSource is a MacroPore Biosurgery regenerative technology logo.

In October 2002, StemSource, Inc. and MacroPore Biosurgery, Inc. completed a strategic merger and the combined company has kept the name MacroPore Biosurgery. MacroPore Biosurgery is an industry leader in the design, development, and manufacture of bioresorbable polymer implants for use in spine, neurosurgical, and musculoskeletal surgery. StemSource technology includes pioneering medical devices specializing in stem cell bioengineering, research, and technology.

MacroPore Biosurgery believes that the StemSource technology has many significant advantages over all other stem cell technology, and will be working to develop regenerative therapies that will be broadly available to physicians, patients, and other individuals in the near future.

"...given the enormous promise of stem cells to the development of new therapies for the most devastating diseases, when a readily available source of stem cells is identified, it is not too unrealistic to say that this research will revolutionize the practice of medicine and improve the quality and length of life."

(National Institutes of Health, May 2000)

We have established an adult stem cell bank to allow liposuction patients to save their own stem cells. These cells have the potential to become nerve, muscle, bone and other tissues, and may be of significance in future medical therapies.

To learn more about our company please explore our website. You may begin at our home page You can also download a copy of the MacroPore Biosurgery Corporate Brochure (600K pdf file) and the StemSource Adult Stem Cell Banking Brochure (80K pdf file).

Biologics Technology

" is not too unrealistic to say that this [stem cell] research will revolutionize the practice of medicine and improve the quality and length of life."

(Institute of Health, May 2000)

Adult stem cells have the potential to help millions of people around the world with a variety of medical problems. As the science and technology behind stem cells progress, new and previously unimagined life changing or life saving treatments are anticipated.

With the strategic acquisition of StemSource, Inc., we are developing regenerative (stem cell) therapies using adult stem cells derived from adipose (fat) tissue. Stem cells, harvested from the patient's fat tissue through a liposuction procedure, have the ability to offer replacement cells to treat life-altering or life-threatening disorders.

In addition, we are pioneering autologous stem cell preservation and banking, offering the opportunity for people worldwide to bank their stem cells for their future personal use. Through cryogenic preservation, stem cells are banked in our state-of-the-art licensed facility.

Adult Stem Cells

A stem cell is an unspecialized cell that can become many of the two-hundred-plus tissues that make up the body. Of the two types of stem cells, adult (found in various tissues after birth), and embryonic (fetal tissue), MacroPore Biosurgery's efforts are exclusively directed toward adult stem cell autologous transplantation - separating the stem cells from fat and giving them back to the same person. In addition, by using one's own cells, the recipient can avoid the problems of disease transmission and rejection associated with donor tissue.

Micrograph of adult stem cells from adipose (fat) tissue.
Micrograph of adipose (fat) tissue and adult stem cells from adipose tissue (blue stained).

While the study of stem cells is still in its infancy, stem cells have taken center stage in global news. This has occurred, in large part, because of the tremendous potential of stem cells to treat many debilitating medical conditions that are difficult or impossible to treat with current technology. It is known that adult stem cells offer a potential source of replacement cells and tissues to treat a myriad of disorders. Active areas of research include diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, spinal cord injuries, stroke, heart disease, and diabetes.


MacroPore Biosurgery is dedicated to the development and advancement of regenerative therapies using adult stem cells, and to commercializing autologous adult stem cells to augment the body's natural healing process. In addition to developing specific clinical applications in our research laboratories, we are collaborating with researchers at various universities to develop applications and treatments using lipoaspirate-derived adult stem cells.

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StemSource is a US trademark of MacroPore Biosurgery, Inc.

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