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Exclusively focusing on adult stem cells derived from fat tissue, MacroPore Biosurgery is pursuing research and development of advanced stem cell therapies that promote the healing or regeneration of the patient's own tissue using the patient's own stem cells.

Micrograph of adipose (fat) tissue.
Micrograph of adipose (fat) tissue.

Adult stem cells derived from adipose (fat) tissue

Millions of Americans have chosen to improve their appearance through liposuction, a safe and predictable procedure. Until now, plastic surgeons have simply thrown away the aspirated tissue. However, research performed by the StemSource founders has demonstrated that this tissue is a rich source of adult stem cells.

From this original observation, StemSource, Inc. developed revolutionary devices and techniques to harvest stem cells from fat, and demonstrated the ability of adipose-derived stem cells to differentiate into nerve, muscle, bone, cartilage, and fat in vitro.

We believe fat is the best source of adult stem cells because of the tremendous quantity and quality of the stem cells, and fat is also easy to obtain through liposuction.

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