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Biologics (Regenerative) Platform Technology

In October 2002, the strategic acquisition of StemSource, Inc., a California company specializing in cell bioengineering, research and technology, positioned MacroPore Biosurgery to pursue market leadership in regenerative therapies using regenerative cells derived from adipose (fat) tissue.

We believe the biologics technologies developed by StemSource have significant advantages over other cell therapy technologies. In addition, we are pioneering autologous cell banking, offering the opportunity for people worldwide to bank their own cells for later personal use.

Adult Regenerative Cells

There are two main types of stem cells, adult (found in various tissues after birth), and embryonic (fetal tissue). MacroPore Biosurgery's efforts are directed exclusively toward adult stem cell populations for autologous transplantation. These regenerative cells are isolated from fat in order to be given back to the same person. By using one's own cells, the recipient can avoid the problems of disease transmission and rejection associated with donor tissue.

Regenerative cells have enormous potential to treat a range of clinical disorders. Active areas of research include disorders of the nerve, muscle, bone, cartilage, and heart among others. MacroPore Biosurgery has developed devices and techniques to harvest cells from fat, and demonstrated the ability of adipose-derived regenerative cells to differentiate into a variety of tissues in vitro.

Micrograph of muscle tissue.
Micrograph of muscle tissue.

Regenerative Cell Therapies

The goal of MacroPore Biosurgery's biologics research is to advance cell therapies that promote the healing or regeneration of the patient's own tissues with the patient's own cells. Cells, harvested from the patient's fat tissue through a liposuction procedure, may possess the ability to offer replacement cells to treat life-altering or life-threatening disorders.

Research scientists Eric J. Daniels, MD and Min Zhu, MD.
Eric J. Daniels, MD and Min Zhu, MD are shown in the biologics research laboratory.

Cell Preservation and Banking

Autologous cell preservation and banking offers the opportunity to people worldwide to bank their cells for future personal use. Through cryogenic preservation, cells are banked in a state-of-the-art licensed tissue bank facility. The cells are cryo-preserved in liquid nitrogen to insure that they will be usable for the life of the individual.

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StemSource is a US trademark of MacroPore Biosurgery, Inc.

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