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Biosurgery Market

Today's biosurgery market embraces a multi-disciplined approach to the development of surgical and medical devices, biomaterials, biotherapeutics and biologics technologies that address problems across the entire spectrum of surgical therapies.

The four recognized categories* of the Biosurgery Market:

  • Bioresorbable implants
  • Anti-adhesion products
  • Regenerative technologies
  • Healing compounds
Through aggressive Research & Technology efforts, the Company is committed to expansion of our biomaterials platform technology through discovering proprietary processes and technologies that facilitate the repair of hard and soft tissue, and to further develop biologic technologies and biotherapeutics for the advancement of regenerative medicine within the biosurgery market.

Biomaterials Platform Technology

Bioresorbable implants building on the initial proprietary technology for hard tissue (bone) healing and fixation for a variety of musculoskeletal surgical applications.

Biologics (Regenerative) Platform Technology

Regenerative technologies the strategic acquisition of StemSource, has positioned MacroPore Biosurgery to pursue market leadership in regenerative therapies using regenerative cells derived from adipose (fat) tissue.

Healing compounds and growth factors the Company is positioned to pursue research efforts and market opportunities in new and emerging technologies involving growth factors that are synergistic with our biomaterials and regenerative technology platforms.

* Robin Young, Surgical Biomaterials July 2000

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