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MacroPore Biosurgery's spine and orthopedics product segment is focused on the design, development, and production of implant technology for spinal surgery and other reconstructive orthopedic applications. These bioresorbable products, manufactured by MacroPore Biosurgery, are co-developed, marketed and sold globally by Medtronic Sofamor Danek.

"The evaluation of applications of bioresorbable technology in spine surgery is progressing rapidly. The lack of imaging artifact and gradual transfer of local stresses to the surrounding spinal units makes bioresorbable technology extremely attractive in spinal reconstructive procedures."

Alexander R. Vaccaro, MD
Professor of Orthopedic Surgery
Jefferson Medical College
Thomas Jefferson University
Philadelphia, PA

MacroPore® OS Spine" System

Malleable and macroporous, this implant is designed to act as a containment system for bone grafts or bone fragments, as well as a protective barrier for graft harvest sites. It is the first product of its kind to achieve FDA clearance for containing bone grafts in spinal fusion procedures in conjunction with conventional hardware.

Macropore OS(tm) Spine System is used in conjunction with rigid fixation in specific spinal applications.
Illustrations depict MacroPore OS Spine" System graft containment used in conjunction with rigid fixation. The anterior cervical spine with supplemental posterior wire is shown on the left, and lumbar graft containment is shown on the right.

MacroPore® OS" Orthopedic System

Spinal fusion procedures are commonly accompanied by a procedure to harvest bone graft from the iliac crest of the pelvis (hip bone).The MacroPore OS" Orthopedic System serves to maintain the relative position of bone graft and as a protective covering for the reconstruction of iliac crest donor site.

MacroPore OS(tm) Orthopedic System serves as a protective covering for iliac crest reconstruction.
Illustrations depict iliac crest (hip bone) graft donor site reconstruction.

(The illustrations are for informational purpose only - the iliac crest bone grafting product line was sold to Medtronic in September 2002.)

Orthopedic Reconstruction

MacroPore OS" Orthopedic System implants are used to maintain the relative position of weak bony tissue or bone grafts in reconstructive orthopedic procedures. Indications for use include cement restriction in hip arthroplasty, acetabular reconstruction, reconstructive orthopedic procedures involving tumor resections, and trauma procedures involving hard tissue (bone) in conjunction with traditional rigid fixation.

Bioresorbable implants are used along with rigid fixation in certain orthopedic procedures.
Illustrations depict bioresorbable products used for graft containment in acetabular reconstruction, reconstruction of a tibial segmental defect (internal fixation not visible), and a revision hip application.

Clinical Benefits of Bioresorbable Implants:

Hard tissue (bone) applications

  • Maintains the graft position during bone healing.
  • Does not obscure radiographs or MRI/CT scans.
  • More physiological relationship with bone compared to metal.
  • Implant resorption through natural elimination as carbon dioxide and water.
  • Reduction of residual hardware, which may minimize the potential for long-term device related complications.
  • May reduce the need for second surgical procedure for device removal.
Medtronic Sofamor Danek logo
Spine and reconstructive orthopedic products are exclusively distributed by Medtronic Sofamor Danek.

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MacroPore® is a US registered trademark of MacroPore Biosurgery, Inc.

MacroPore OS" and MacroPore OS Spine" are US trademarks of MacroPore Biosurgery, Inc.

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