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HTML Validation
All templates and pages generally comply with W3C standard XHTML 1.0. Some deviations may be purposefully made to conform with downlevel browsers or browser errors.

CSS Validation
All CSS files on this Web site meet W3C CSS1 standard. Some modifications may be made to address some Internet Explorer additions and to address downlevel browsers.

JavaScript Usage
The site uses JavaScript for the following:
  • form validation
  • navigation
Usage of Applets and ActiveX
This Web site does/does not use Applets or ActiveX.

Usage of Plug-ins and Players
Some content or files on this Web site require that plug-ins or players be installed on your computer.

To view PDFs download the latest version of Acrobat Reader.

To view Flash files download the latest version of
Macromedia Flash Player.

To view Media Player files download Microsoft Media Player.

To view Real Audio files download Real Networks RealPlayer.

Disability Compliance
The site meets Priority 1 Disability Compliance as set forth by the W3C WAI (W3C Web Accessibility Initiative) Priority 1 compliance section.

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